Our Recruitment Process


1. Formalizing Intention to Recruit Nepalese Workers

  • Manpower Request
  • Recruitment Agreement
  • Commercial/Trade License of Employer
  • Passport Copy of Signatory
  • Master Employment Contract
  • Special Power of Attorney


2. The Screening Process

  • Sourcing of Applicants
  • Sending of CVs to Employer for Evaluation
  • Conduct of Interview/Trade Test
  • Presentation of Job Offers
  • Medical Screening of Accepted Candidates


3.  Documentation/Preparing for Departure

  • Submission of Required Documents for Visa Application
  • Visa Application
  • Conduct of Pre-Departure
  • Orientation Seminar
  • Departure


From the start of recruitment to final deployment, the following services are performed to pave the way for the smooth and successful recruitment process to take place.

  • Conduct Manpower Search, organized job fairs and advertisement placements, etc. and Internet on line postings for selected job vacancies.
  • Pre-select candidates for short-listing administer tests (if required); conduct personal interviews for individual assessment.
  • Evaluate and verify credentials and documentary submissions such as employment certification, transcript of records, etc.
  • Prepare candidate for interview with employer and/or its representative.
  • Conduct trade test, if necessary, from leading private testing companies recognized and accredited by Nepalese government body.
  •  Arrange the conduct of medical and laboratory tests to determine health and fitness level of candidate.
  • Assist selected workers in the compliance of documents required for visa and other purposes.
  • Facilitate visa issuance from host country through employer for selected candidates.
  • Provide Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) assistance.
  •  Coordinate with principal airline booking of selected worker.
  • Airport departure assistance.


Responsibilities of Employer

The employers are requested to assist the agency by providing with following information:

  • Arrange the original Work Visa for the selected candidates.
  • Arrange for the joining tickets.
  • Inform the agency of their arrival at the airport.
  • Arrange advance payment to the workers on arrival at the place of work.
  • Arrange furnished accommodation.
  • Timely payment of salary for every month.
  • Keeping update the validity of the passport, residence permit and employment visa of the workers.
  • Proper medical treatment of the workers in the case of their sickness.
  • Agency should inform if there is any problem from workers.
  • Follow terms of agreement signed between the employer and workers.