We have been working with our Company Hosrec in terms of recruitment in Turkey represented by Mr. Erkan Akaltun who is our Operational Head in Turkey. We have sent good number of workers in cities like Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Bodrum etc in the field of Hospitality, Agriculture, Petrolium, Construction and  others. We have our strict recruitment process to cater our clients needs as we are well aware of Job dissatisfaction and loss of productivity at work if we fail to do so.

Skill Test: 

Employees have to go pass National Skill Test Board (NSTB) to guarantee that employees skill caters the need of employer. Skill testing activity was initiated in Nepal in 1983 through an autonomous body called Skill Testing Authority (STA), which introduced a system of occupational classification, development of skill standards, skill testing and certification based upon the guidelines of Asia Pacific Skill Development Project/ International Labor Organization (APSDEP/ILO). After the CTEVT was constituted in 1989, the STA was placed under the umbrella of CTEVT as National Skill Testing Board (NSTB). Since then the Board has been functioning as the secretariat of National Skill Testing Board (NSTB), which has been attached to the council. Till date, NSTB has developed National Occupational Skill Standards/Profiles in 237 different occupations, 108000crafts persons are skill tested  and 72730 are certified.
A skill test is the corresponding performance test based on the occupational skill standard which must be demonstrated by every individual to obtain a “NATIONAL SKILL CERTIFICATE” indicating that the certificate holder meets the requirements of a trade/occupation. Details can be obtained from this website www.nstb.org.np
Apart from that we also do skill test and training various private qualified centeres.


We have different partners in terms of Training for respective in Nepal to further polish the skills of employees for different fields such as Hospitality, Agriculture, Petrolium, Construction and  others. We also hire foreign Trainer on peculiar job if what that is needed to train employees.

Mr. Erkan Akaltun

Operational Head in Turkey